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Everyday is a special occasion if you have a birthday cakes. Now, the wait for an occasion to have a bite of the tasty chocolate cake is over. Some occasions like Christmas or New Year eve urge for the cake and a gathering of close people. It is a must have, specially during birthday parties or anniversaries. It is an amazing gift for your loved one on such days too. So, surprise them with this delicious cake that they are bound to like. Nothing beats the taste of a chocolate cake.
There is an endless variety of ways to make a chocolate cake. One can make it with chocolate frosting, or cover the cake with chocolate curls. It can be topped with mocha buttercream, or you can go for a tangy lemon or cherry. The cake for special occasions is made in accordance to your taste buds because nothing beats the sweet, chocolaty flavour of the cake. You will never get enough of its taste and you love eating it over and again.
Cake Creation is one of the most popular online cake store that has every variety of chocolate cakes for you. Here is a list of some popular chocolate cakes from to ease your cake buying experience.

Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake | Cake Creation | Online Cake Delivery

The Truffle Cake is the perfect cake option for all the special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and more! To make it something utterly delectable, it comes with some exotic fruit toppings, cream glaze, and choco chips. This cake option is rich in taste and has a buttery and moisty sponge.

Choco Oreo Mouse Cake

Chocolate Oreo Cake | Online Cake Delivery | Cake Creation

Are you looking for a cake that melts instantly as you take a bite of it? Well, this Cadbury Oreo-Choco Oreo Mousse Cake is the ultimate cake for all those chocolate lovers out there. It’s a perfectly textured moist cake that gives the ultimate flavors to your mouth with a huge taste of creamy chocolates and luxurious dollops of soft mousses that are absolutely delectable.

KitKat Ferrero Rocher Cake

Ferrero Rocher KitKat Chocolate Cake | Cake Creation | Online Cake Delivery

Make any meal more special with a cake made from the KitKat Ferrero Rocher chocolate. For those who love to keep their celebrations a little more on the royal side, the KitKat Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake is the answer to their cake search. Topped elegantly with a ball of Ferrero Rocher and with KitKat, this cake brings you the best of all tastes.

Unicorn Photo Cake

Unicorn Photo Cake | Cake Creation

This amazingly yummy Unicorn photo cake packs with the taste and feeling of happiness that you cannot even imagine. Considered to be one of the acme of mouth-watering snacks, this delight has been a necessity at all celebrations and parties, with the happiest people all around the globe. Now chocolate cake delivery is available in all Bangalore. So opt for online cake delivery in Bangalore, or even send flowers delivery Bangalore to wish someone on their special days.

Mango Maharaja Fruit Cake

Mango Maharaja Cake | Cake Creation | Online Cake Delivery

Everybody loves Mango cake. And the only thing you need to make Mango Maharaja cake is add some fresh Mango and some flour, right? Though it’s true. But do you know that if you add fruits according to your choice while making cake, it gives a whole new taste of a different kind? Some love chocolate and some love fruits, but most of us love it more when both of these combine to give a heavenly taste. Isn’t it?

Floral Vanilla Three Tier Cake

Floral Tier Cake | Cake Creation | Cake Delivery Online | Bangalore’s Best Baker

An ideal option for birthdays and celebrations like wedding anniversary, Floral vanilla three-tier cake comes to the rescue when you need a taste that is both sweet and tempting rolled into one. Chocolate and vanilla flavours are just the right combination to make this cake a delightful treat!

Walnut Chocolate Cake

Premium Chocolate Cake | Cake Creation | Cake Delivery Online | Bangalore’s Best Baker

This walnut chocolate cake cannot just be the best choice for your birthday but it can also go on any other occasion that you would want to make a surprise of. And no worries if you want to eat it after having a meal or else, this tasty cake comes in sugar-free form too.

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