It all started in mid-2018 when we began to experiment with baking our first cake which turned out good enough to be professional was a fondant cake, which we made for our neighbor daughter’s birthday party. It was a hit among their guests and that is where our journey began as a home baker and named it as a “Cake Creation” Order Cake Online and Choose Best Online Cake Delivery with Us.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide and bring unique confectionary products and services to and the greater community by retailing and wholesaling tasty treats.

Kim Cake Creation is a bakery dedicated to providing high-quality cakes, desserts to a variety of customers.

We concentrate on the high-end market of products as we maintain the focused differentiator strategic position in the food and baking industries. Our products are
priced higher and predicated on quality of inputs, exceptional flavor and taste, unique design and customer service.

We maintain a friendly, creative, and fair working environment that welcomes diversity, hard work, and new ideas. We intend to generate profit to provide a fair return for our investors and to expand the business into other surrounding communities.